5 Tips To Bring Laughter Into Your Life


The modern way of living has, undoubtedly, made our lives easier and faster but at the same time, it has rendered us busy and stressed out. We are taking our lives so seriously that we have forgotten how to laugh, smile, de-stress, and enjoy!

Why is it necessary to laugh?

We all have experienced that after having a good laugh, we generally feel better and happier. It has been proved scientifically that laughter triggers physical and emotional changes in the body. It is touted as a powerful antidote to anxiety, pain, and fear. Nothing works quicker than laughter to lighten our moods and calm our brains.Laughter is the best medicine…and it’s shockingly free!

Interestingly, the laughter has many significant social benefits too. A shared funny joke and laughter bring people together and increases the sense of belonging.

We have listed down top 5 tips to bring laughter in your life that you will find simple, effective, and easier to follow:

1. Hang Out With People Who Make You Laugh And Smile!

Hangout With Friends

Photo by meenakshi madhavan, CC BY 2.0

Laughter is contagious so surround yourself with a bunch of happy, smiling, and laughing people to get your mood uplifted. Such people are a rarity but once found are a blessing in disguise. They are experts in discovering humor in every events of their lives and don’t mind cracking a joke or two about themselves.

Of course, you can’t keep out all those complaining, venom-spewing and eternally depressed colleagues and relatives, from your life. So the best thing to do, when stuck with them, is to steer the conversation to something positive.

2. Stop Taking Yourself So Seriously!

Talking Yourself

Photo by Steve Hardy, CC BY-ND 2.0

Many events and circumstances are beyond our control and stressing out your mind with worry, fear, or anger won’t change them. It’s better to keep things in perspective and treat your life as a medium for doing things that make you happy and feel satisfied.

We have shared a few tricks below to help you to lighten yourself:-

  • Laugh at yourself- Practice laughing at your awkward moments, blunders, and limitations but in a light hearted way so that you won’t find them depressing anymore.
  • Stop fretting over an incident and find humor in it- it will help perk up your mood and those of people around you.
  • Share silly anecdotes and say funny lines – when you are with a group of friends.
  • Make funny faces- when looking into a mirror.

3. Watch Comedy Programs And Read Funny Books!Comedy Central

From Public Domain, via Wikimedia Commons

This is surely one of the best ways to make you laugh a great deal. Channel surf or rent a DVD to watch funny shows and movies that you might like. There’s no need to stop viewing news channels, but make it a habit to end your day by watching a hilarious TV show or film.
If you love reading articles and stories, then you can surely enjoy going through various comedy books and funny pages of newspapers.

4. Unleash Your Inner Child!


Photo by Mark Evans, CC BY 2.0

This involves making a to-do list of all fun-filled activities that you always enjoy and completing it!

It can be as simple as walking your dog to a nearby park, as thrilling as bungee-jumping or as creative as glass painting. If you have children in your family then you can go on a picnic or visit an amusement park with them.

5. Join A Laughter Club!


Photo by Petras Gagilas, CC BY-SA 2.0

Becoming a member of a laughter club has its many perks. Here, you get an opportunity to laugh aloud without any reason and also get to connect with like-minded persons. In fact, you can start a laughing club of your own in your neighborhood and office and ask your friends and colleagues to join it for free!

It is worth remembering that laughter is an effective and powerful tool to end resentments and arguments. It allows us an opportunity to temporarily escape from harsh realities and absurdities of life.

So keep smiling and laugh more!