10 Simple Ways to Be Happier

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Happiness is a feeling of mind that we all find difficult to achieve and maintain yet keep trying to get it. Almost all of us equate happiness with contentment, joy, self-worth, and well-being. Most of us find it tough to be cheerful and euphoric all the time owing to stressful situations, negative attitude, bad dietary habits, and feelings of isolation.
Notably, it has been scientifically-proven that people with healthy lifestyle and healthier mindset are the ones who lead a truly happy and fulfilled life.

So we have compiled and listed below 10 useful, time-tested, and simple ways that you can follow to make yourself happier than before:

1. Think positive, be optimistic, and keep that smile on!


Photo by David Amsler, CC BY 2.0

Each one of us on this planet has faced ups and downs in life. Happy memories bring joy to our minds in a quick span of time whereas a single recollection of a bad experience is enough to turn our rest of the day gloomy and bitter. It is not possible to erase negative experiences from our brains but you can surely control the negative thoughts associated with them. The trick lies in treating all life events as learning curves and seeking out positive even in all unpleasant experiences.

Positive thinking and optimism are inter-related. Being optimistic about anything we do or seek not only helps to control mental anxiety but also helps us to overcome our failures, significantly. Always remember that ‘every cloud has a silver lining.’

Another way to maintain your happy frame of mind is to keep smiling even in troubling circumstances. Though it’s easier said than done, but when you force a smile to yourself in adverse situations, you will find your mood uplifted and mental agony reduced to a great extent. The psychologists have named this as the facial feedback hypothesis. Make it a habit to smile as much as you can and never forget to smile back if someone smiles at you!

2. Practice gratitude!


Photo Abhisek Sarda, CC BY 2.0

Counting your blessings daily has been proven to pump our self-esteem, de-stress our mind, and heighten our happiness level. Always practice these tips:

  • Begin your day being thankful for every little thing in your life.
  • Never treat yourself as less fortunate.
  • Be ambitious but set up realistic goals and fulfill them.
  • Never forget to say ‘thank you’ to the person who has helped you.

3. Exercise regularly!


Photo by tpsdave, CC0 1.0

We have heard it countless times that a happy mind rests in a healthy body. Most of the people start exercising only when they need to lose weight. However, as per the research done by scientists worldwide, in recent years, has proven facts that regular exercise also helps in increasing our brain power and improves our emotional wellbeing. Even a 20-minutes gentle walk can make our brain release endorphins, the happy hormones that make us feel happier.

We advise you to start exercising regularly, if not daily and enjoy its physical and psychological benefits. Start with simple exercises and then gradually move to more strenuous ones. Take help from family and friends if you lack motivation to do so, initially!

4. Meditate daily!


Photo by Take Back Your Health Conference, CC BY 2.0

Meditation literally increases clarity, focus and attention span of our mind. Apart from keeping us calm it also make us experience the feelings of happiness long term. This is something that you should do every day if you want to de-stress your mind and feel happy.

Join and start attending a regular meditation class or peer group. If you are hard pressed for time, then you can practice meditation by learning from self-help books and tutorial videos available online and in the market. Always remember to perform meditation in a noise-free surrounding.

5. Sleep well!

Sleep Well

Photo by Matt, CC BY 2.0

A good night’s sleep is essential for body relaxation, mind rejuvenation, and prevention of mood swings. A sleep-deprived person may find it hard to focus on all tasks at hand and combat negative emotions. It has also been scientifically-proved that sleep deprivation leads to bad complexion and weight gain.

So make sure you don’t lose out on your quota of six to eight hours of night sleep to stay happy and healthy.

6. Drink water and stay hydrated!

Drinking Water

Photo by(cropped) Konstantin Stepanov, CC BY 2.0

Since a human body is made of up to 70 percent of water, it is advised by the physicians that each of us should consume atleast eight glasses of water in a day. Not only does it keep our bodies hydrated, but the water helps to flush out toxins from our bodies. A toxin free body keeps our brain productive and provides a sense of happiness as well.

Keep a bottle of water nearby and drink water at regular intervals of time.

7. Eat healthy and sensibly!

Healthy Food

Photo by EvolvingScenes, CC0 1.0

This is a sure thing that one has to follow without any argument. A healthy balanced diet does wonder to our body strength, immune system, and overall appearance of our body.

Cut down on foods those are detrimental to your health. However, if you are exercising regularly then you can treat yourself to your favorite comfort foods, such as ice-creams, chocolates, and pizzas, once in a while!

8. Go out and enjoy fresh air!

Park Bench

Photo by pepperminting, CC0 1.0

Taking part in outdoor activities or spending time in natural surroundings, also do wonders to our moods and happiness level. Many scientific studies conducted globally in recent past have confirmed that staying outdoors in a good weather condition develops positive mood and enhances the memory power.

Just go on a camping trip, take a stroll in a park, or indulge in your favorite outdoor activity, if you want to perk up your happiness-level.

9. Socialize with people!

Group Chat

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It is a common knowledge that we tend to be happy when we are surrounded with our loved ones. Strong positive relationships with family members and friends always bring love, joy, and support to us. Forging new relationships and networking with people provide a sense of belonging and feelings of self-worth.

There is no age limit for making new friends and bolstering the existing relationships in your life. So start making new buddies!

10. Do things for others!

Helping Hand


Photo by PublicDomainPictures, CC0 1.0

Helping others and doing acts of kindness not only generate positive feelings and a sense of kinship but also make us and the recipient feel a lot of happiness. You can give some of your money, things, time, and advices to people who need these, asking for nothing in return.

However, if you feel consistently upset and depressed, you might be suffering from past issues affecting your emotional state in the present. We suggest that you seek professional help from a licensed counselor, in such a case. You can also make a call to one of the several free professional hotlines dedicated to handle such cases, in the country.

A sincere effort to usher more happiness into your life by making subtle changes in your lifestyle, eating habits, and attitude, is always going to work.

Welcome back to a happy life!