5 Ways To Help A Friend Overcome Depression


Worried for your friend’s behaviour lately who is not the usual chirpy happy person as before? There might be a chance that your friend is suffering from depression. Though this disorder does not seem to be very devastating from the outside, internally it can inflict a lot of pain. Thus, … Read more

5 Healthy Alternatives To Popular Fast Foods


It is a universal truth that when we are hungry, busy, and on the run, we prefer to feast on fast foods than eat a nutritionally-balanced meal. These fast foods are not only tasty and inexpensive but are easily available in the restaurants and canteens. However, we cannot deny the … Read more

5 Foods To Avoid When Feeling Depressed


It’s true that whenever we are depressed and also hungry, we start gorging on various deep fried, oil-soaked, or sugar-laden treats and snacks. We think of them as our ‘comfort foods’ and ‘mood-lifters’. Moreover, majority of us gulp down many cups of coffee to feel better, while a few of … Read more

6 Useful Tips To Control Anger Outbursts


A German proverb says, “He who has conquered his anger has conquered his enemy”. It is always better to stay in control of your anger; do not let it control you. Getting angry actually hurts your own soul much more than the people whom you are angry at. Read further … Read more

5 Indoor Activities For Kids During Summer Breaks

Making Scrapbook

For a kid, a summer break means no classroom lectures, homework, or exams. However, for a parent, it usually means having a noisy, bored, and naughty kid running amok in the house. During summer vacation, kids have lots of free time, no specific timetable to follow, and very few interesting … Read more

5 Fun Games For House Parties With Friends

Card Game

We all love to party with our family members and friends. A party means friendly acquaintances, tasty food, bright decorations, and of course, enjoyable party games. However, you may find that hosting a lively memorable party for friends is not an easy task. You will need to include fun-filled games … Read more