10 Bad Habits That Cause Stress in Humans

1. The Caffeine Mantra In the present day and age, who isn’t a workaholic or a student, spending sleepless nights in trying to work out assignments and complete their work? And what better than some caffeine-loaded drinks to help you become a nightcrawler. But, studies show that caffeine does more … Read more

Things to Do Every Day to Live a Less Stressful Life

Now days, stress has become an essential part of everyone’s life. People in this fast-paced life of theirs cannot imagine their lives without stress. It’s not about a particular thing which causes stress, or we can’t find the root cause of this stress behind a particular task. It’s just that … Read more

10 Tips to Recognise The Signs of Depression in Teens

Adolescents are often stereotyped to be moody, rebellious and in constant emotional turmoil. It is mostly regarded as a passing phase. However recent studies have stated that around one in eight teens suffers from depression. The common mistake parents make is overlooking the signs and symptoms and passing it off … Read more

5 Tips How to Stay Open- Minded and Creative

Being open minded and creative is essential for your physical and emotional well-being. Life can be enjoyed in its completeness only if you get out there and spread some creative aura into the air. Nobody enjoys the company of someone who is shallow minded and gloomy. But no matter how … Read more