4 Techniques to Stimulate Brain Cells

Nowadays, there is a literal deluge of information, or ‘info’, everywhere. Smart-phones, computers and iPads are bent on spoon-feeding us with it. Think there is no side effect? Think again, please. Science tells us that the less we use our bodies, the less functional they become. That means, the less you use your brain to find out and learn things for yourself, the less intelligent you’re likely to end up as, which is not a very cheerful prospect. But has anyone ever profited from sitting around? Nah-uh! Which is why, here we bring you 4 fabulous techniques to get those cells alive and kicking again!

Photo by langll, CC0 1.0

1. Reading

Reading and literature has widespread benefits. It provides relaxation after a hard day at work, it takes you off from damaging electronic devices and it increases your knowledge store to no end. But you know why it finds a place on this list? Neuroscience has shown how reading stimulates your brain, your brain cells, or neurons, fire up with every word you read, working 3 or sometimes 4 times their usual amount. Now with that, you never need to fear degeneration from lack of activity anymore!

2. Learning A New Language

Learning a new language is an activity highly recommended if you do not want some degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s in your old age. This is because it increases brain activity, by stimulating brain cells. But you need not think of learning as a ‘chore’. It can be a lot of fun, a very rewarding pastime, you can enjoy vacations to foreign lands like you have never done before as you will understand local cultures much better with the language. And the best part is that you can combine it with reading, as you need to read in order to learn a new language, thereby helping your brain cells twice as much!

3. Playing Chess

Chess has been known throughout history as one of the most mentally challenging games to ever exist, and therefore, it is super good for your brain cells, and it properly stimulates them. Chess has been recognised to improve concentration and greatly increase strategic thinking and planning, increasing your overall intelligence. As testimony, one of the most intelligent beings to have lived on Earth, great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, was a master of the game. And in real life too, highly intelligent people in technical fields are adept at chess. Definitely a hobby you should cultivate over summer break!

4. Learning to play a musical instrument

Music is often regarded as the universal language of love and emotion, and is one of the most relaxing forms of entertainment devised by man. It helps millions of people deal with their feelings, and in some cases, also make a living. Now, it turns out it has other benefits too – learning how to play a musical instrument has been shown to stimulate your brain cells highly, increasing intelligence and cognitive ability. Instruments like guitar, violin, piano, harmonica – the list can go on and on – are complex to play, requiring you to remember and decipher notes, boosting muscle memory and hand-eye coordination. Children who play music are shown to excel in academics, intelligent people respond to instrumentally complex music best, and Sherlock Holmes played the violin too. Basically, a load of science to back up this claim, and another plus is that you look enormously cool playing a guitar.

At the turn of the century, everything just turned highly digital very fast. To cope with it, we need our bodies and minds in spick and span order, working at equally high speeds to command these magnificent machines. We have to be forever vigilant, and cannot let our brain cells be lazy. To help you in that task, we have covered 4 simple, fun and effective measures to ensure you neural health. You might meet cool people abroad, like minded ones at new music classes, forge new friendships at the community chess club or just discover a new world inside your library, without needing to leave your home. Next time you have a month off from work, cultivate one of these traits and see your life take turns for the better in so many different ways!