6 Reasons Why Yoga and Meditation is Better than Exercise


Yoga is magical. It has the power to enhance and re-energize your senses to the extreme level of positivity. It spreads positivity in the best possible ways. It is termed as mental, physical and spiritual practice in terms of discipline. Apparently, yoga and meditation has the capability of curing all kind of diseases from big hazardous ones to being as small as having cold. It aims at uniting the mind, body and soul all at once. This particularly changes the way of living and encourages everyone whoever practices it on a regular basis.

YogaPhoto by Blanca, CC BY 2.0

Benefits of Yoga

Is yoga and meditation beneficial and also better than exercise? This sort of questions keep on disturbing half of the people who are unaware regarding the benefits of yoga and meditation as such.The yoga sessions when taken to the right direction and to the right environment, it has this magical power to heal in itself. Most of the times, yoga is considered to be the best form of exercise, as it helps in getting rid of various diseases and also keep you fit and healthy. It also has the power to make one feel, sense as well as appear younger than their original age.Yoga and meditation calms down your senses and releases all the negative energy from your body in order to live a happy life in future.
There are several reasons why yoga and meditation is any day better than exercise. The reasons provided would be actually proving you that it has no side effects and also it would treat your body in the best of ways possible.

1. Positivity

Yoga and meditation helps in transformation of your thought process, nothing can actually beat it. Yoga has this heavenly power to transform your negative thoughts and convert it into positive ones for a longer time. The divine practice not only helps you to gain power and energy but also helps you to stay positive and spread the positivity around yourself. It also helps in increasing the concentration power and improves the memory of a person as well which is essential for everyone in today’s time.

2. Stress Release

As already known, yoga is a part of exercise as well as meditation; it helps in releasing the stress from our mind, body and soul. Meditation releases a wave of relaxation and peace which keeps your body enlightened throughout the day. Biological benefits are also a part of the curing process.

3. Flexibility

Yoga and meditation relaxes all your body muscles and stretches them in order to make our body flexible and easy to twist. As the postures and positions performed during yoga are little confusing, it stretches your body in order to make it flexible. Flexibility is necessary for each and every person so that it would help them to perform any sort of sports or exercise in an easier manner. Yoga is performed by several athletes and dancers on a daily basis to keep their body flexible and easily moving as required.

4. Keeps you healthy

As mentioned above, yoga is considered to be one of the best ways to cure a disease. It is definitely a slow going process but once it starts working its magic on your body, the effect stays forever. Statistics says that, yoga has various psychological benefits related to blood pressure problems, respiratory disorders, Endocrine functions normally, normalizes your weight, increases your resistance power and energy level, etc. Not only these, but it helps cure diseases such as cancer as well.

5. No side effects

It has always been considered that exercising has side effects and the weight of a person tends to increase ones they stop exercising, but in the case of yoga it is not same. Yoga helps in enhancing your body structure and shape as well. There are no side effects as such unless you are performing the exercises in a wrong manner. So for the same it is necessary to hire an instructor to conduct yoga for you in order to avoid mishaps.

6. Body Cleanser

Yoga and meditation has the power to purify your body purify your body from inside as well as outside. It cleanses your inner body which ultimately shows the effect on your skin. Yoga helps in getting a natural glow on your face and skin if practiced on regular basis. Yoga and meditation also increases the blood circulation in your body. It purifies our blood which keeps us healthy for a long period of time.

Yoga can heal as well as cleanse your inner body as well. Thus it is considered to be therapeutic. It helps you to become more knowledgeable and aware about your body postures, alignment as well as pattern of body movements. It makes your body flexible and also keeps you healthy without taking any sort of medication.