5 Ways How Meditation Can Achieve Mental Freedom


It has been rightly said – “Think for yourself and let others enjoy the privilege of doing so too”. Nobody except our own self can free our mind. Living in this false idea that we are mentally emancipated is worse. It leads us into utter chaos which destroys self image. In order to achieve pure mental freedom, meditation is the key. It largely works to resolve complex mental issues and frees the mind from all forms of stress. Keep reading to know about 5 ways how meditation helps to develop a free mind.

1. Better Control Over Emotions

Emotion Control

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The majority of us live on a volcano of emotions, about to erupt any time. When over-spilled, these emotions can damage our own image. The injury that this emotional outburst causes to the other person cannot be undone. Meditation can work wonders in developing apt self-control over emotions. This does not mean you have to be an insensitive stone-hearted person who does not vent out inner conflicts at all! But emotional control can be established to manage any such situation, which is reaching nowhere. Studies have shown that proper meditation training reduces activation of amygdale (the anatomical emotional centre in brain). However, Do not expect to develop this emotional control in a flick of time. Meditation demands time. A mere 20 minutes of daily meditation session done regularly can do the magic within 6 weeks. You will notice the change in the way you respond, instead of reacting, to untoward situations. It helps in releasing the brain from the stress of negativity.

2. Fights Against Negativity


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Modern day lifestyle brings with itself immense amount of stress which can be disruptive for the peace of mind. Think about a day when you are absolutely stress free and you can hardly recollect any such moments. In other words, stress is inevitable. What it brings in disguise is negativity. Work pressure at its peak, brings in feelings of helplessness. Family pressures result in guilt and inability to keep up to expectations. Peer pressure leaves a person low on self esteem and prone to addictions and malpractices. All such negativity creeps in our mind and makes us tied to our weaknesses. The tonic for mental strength is meditation. It teaches us how to chase away this negativity and break bonds of helplessness. The mind learns to fly into new heights of positive thoughts. As a person, you rise to a new horizon wherein you can think and create positivity in every aspect of life.

3. Helps In Enjoying The Present

Enjoy Life

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If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are thinking too much about the future. If you are at peace then you are essentially living in the present. So, enjoying our present moments is very important. Practicing meditation as a regular task gradually helps us become more aware and focused on the present. It opens up closed doors of the mind wherein we start living our present day lives without wasting precious small everyday joys. The bad memories of past and worries about future clutch our minds so badly that we remain stuck in between the two. Such mental ties keep us so engaged that we forget to enjoy each passing day of life freely. Meditation calms down such storming unimportant thoughts and creates awareness for our surroundings. We start ‘feeling’ things and experiences differently.

4. Approaches Inner Fears

Height Fear

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Each one of us has fears within ourselves; things which we despair to do, situations which we fear to face, people who we avoid meeting. You might be scared of heights, crowds, lifts, parties, medicines, illnesses, or anything else. Meditation digs in within you to find out these fears, which are sometimes unknown. Identifying and acceptance of your f, ears is half the battle won. Meditation will make you realise how tied down you were, with your own fears. Go on and meditate, and learn not to avoid the fear. Face it and you will less scared the next time.

5. Boosts Creativity And Makes You Feel Worthy


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Meditation can tap your inner sources of creativity. Maybe because of the fear of failure, you are trapped in doing same mundane tasks which either you are being forced to do or you not being given a chance to prove yourself. Doing a task you’re forced for, very well switches off the bulb of creativity and simply make you feel worthless. Meditation can help you prove your creative potential. Your mental status is freed of monotonous bonding and you are free to voice your opinion, work on new dimensions and create new ideas that introduce better concepts.

This list goes on and is not at all exhaustive. Meditation has manifold virtues and achieving mental freedom is a blessing in disguise that it brings along. Learn to live and think ‘free’ by practicing meditation for well-being of your mind, body and soul.