7 Interesting And Unknown Facts About Yoga


The great Yogi, B.K.S. Iyengar has said it beautifully about Yoga – “Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” It is not at all possible for us to change things which exist in this external world. Yoga teaches us to change our inside and makes our mind and body healthier.


Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

Yoga is one of the four ways to reach God in Hinduism or self-realization for others. The other three are Karma (actions), Bhakti (devotion) and Jnana (self enquiry). The ‘popular’ practice comprises of Hatha Yoga. It combines Asanas and Pranayama. There are 6 other elements in Yoga as well.

Want to know what Yoga actually means? Read on 7 interesting and unknown facts about Yoga:

1. It Is More Than Just ‘Exercise’

As generally perceived, Yoga is not merely a form of exercise. Its regular practice magically awakens a super natural energy within the body named as ‘Kundalini’ power in Yogic terms. In a normal person, this power is thought to be static in the bottom of the spine. Purpose of Yoga is to bring it to the top of the head. This can be achieved by practicing Yoga sincerely which ultimately leads to self-realization. So, Yoga can make your body tuned to your mind and give you amazing control over your mental thought processes.

2. No Worries For Side Effects

If done correctly, Yoga Asanas do not have any side effects. You might have dealt with these side effects in other forms of fitness regimes. For example, working out in a gym may actually leave you less flexible as muscles build up in size. On the contrary, Yoga offers immense flexibility in all its postures. Not even a single Asana has any side effect. This can be a real boon if you want to be on the safer side when it comes to experimenting with your body.

3. Breathes Years To Your Life

Yoga concentrates supremely on practicing Deep Breathing. It teaches us how each and every breath is as precious as gold. Pranayama is now the most widely practised breathing technique around the world. This breathing element gives you a bag full of advantages like stronger lungs, reduced blood pressure, stress reduction, improved memory and relaxation. The best news is that breathing practice in Yoga has been proved scientifically to prolong life. It has been linked to better lung capacities and an improved heart function in the long term.

4. Anti Aging

Who doesn’t want to look younger? After all, each one of us is ever ready to buy cosmetic products that ‘promise’ to be age-defying. Surprisingly, Yoga is a simpler and cheaper way to anti-aging. A daily routine session of Yogic Asanas and Pranayama sends in so much positive energy inside that it brings out the inner glow and makes you shine with a graceful radiance. It just calls for a little space, a mat and of course, determination.

5. 2500 Years Old Literature

You will be surprised to know that the oldest book available about Yoga is ‘Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’ and it is as old as 2500 years! It feels good to know that this field of practice has been in this world for so long. Now, make this science of body and mind a part of everyday routine to gain the power to rule your health.

6. Practice Any Time

You can do it every day all the time, even when you are working. With practice, a Yogi can keep performing Yoga 24/7. It is suggested in the Yoga classes that after 30 minutes of Asana Practice, a rest of 5 minutes is necessary to calm down the body. This resting time is essential to realise what magic rest can do to oneself, especially in today’s jet-speed life. Regular practice also establishes mental peace especially when you are dealing with a negative situation.

7. It Makes The Mind Flexible, More Than The Body

A common notion about Yoga is that people want to learn it, to be more ‘flexible’. The reality is Yoga actually makes our rigid minds more flexible. Initially, when you start practicing Yoga, you feel you have gained control over your breathing and your body is sort of ‘opening up’. But gradually you will realise that more than these bodily accomplishments, it is your mental status that changes for the good. The mind opens up and escalates to higher limits of joy and self control.

Yoga is a scientific way of exercising the body and mind. It is a simple path to reach and resolve complex issues of the inner soul. So work it out like a Yogi does and enjoy life like never before, with good health and self realisation.