10 Things You Can Learn from Failure

How many times have you lost the game saying that you will win next time? Have you promised yourself that you’ll not repeat the mistake, but you tend to do it all over again? Do you remember any catastrophic event in your life that left you speechless and stunned? If you think deeper, then you would get to know that there are more failures in your life than your accomplishments. Once you conduct retrospective study on yourself, you would find that success is a bait that motivates you to do something out of this world, but failure is the life-tester that makes you learn the real lesson of life. Why is it that you think that you have worked like a beaver, but still you are back to square one and not able to achieve what you really want? Do your failures make you restless and leave you upset for a long period of time? There is no individual in this world who can escape from confronting failure in his/her life. The legends and pioneers have not climbed the steps of success without tasting the flavor of failure. Failures are the opportunities which awaken the hidden trailblazer inside you. Here are the 10 things that you can learn from your failures and make your life flawless:

Learn From Failure

Photo by vivisorg, CC0 1.0

1. Overconfidence Is the Mother of Destruction

The first drawback of human psychology is that before actually seeing the results, it assumes the upcoming outcome and the over excitement it leaves on the person speaks volume about the overconfidence. The other term used for the word “Overconfident” is “arrogance.” It is very important to pop the bubble of haughtiness. If you wish to walk on the path of smoldering embers, you must armor yourself to achieve the unexpected. Overconfidence can only dig a hole for you to stumble upon, so don’t let your confidence be aggravated by your overconfidence.

2. Mistakes Become Your Habit When You Neglect Them

Failure does not reflect what you are, but what you might become if you don’t improve. So, don’t keep your eyes shut and do see what blunders you are making. Mistakes, if not noticed at the right time, can convert into your weakness and cripple you for the rest of your life. Human beings often turn a blind eye to the mistakes that they commit and they point out others’ faults instantly. This human characteristic makes people insensitive to anything that happens around them because no errors or disappointments bother them. So, you should not neglect even the minute mistakes that you accidently do on the way of achieving a goal.

3. Don’t Consider Your Competitors Weaker Than You

Competition is part of life and you should consider every contender at the same level. Sometimes, you think that you are a virtuoso and anybody who stands against you would be undeserving. Forming such a presumption about your counterparts is an offence because you have already decided that you are a winner, not by your devotion, but by your egotism. You need to close your eyes and believe that you are competing with people of equal caliber as yours. This belief will help you muster power to be better than the others.

4. You Did Not Give Your 100%

The report card of your deeds teach you whether you have passed with flying colors or you have fallen from great heights. If your report card is adorned with red marks, then you must know that you did not give your heart and soul to your performance and as a result you have failed badly. Of course, you can brag about being loyal to your work and sweating your blood, but the reality would come out eventually. So, don’t just vaunt, do put in your best efforts to attain success.

5. You Got Deviated from The Path of Goodness

Your failure tells you that you have not been honest towards your work. If you keep saying to yourself “I did my best, but somehow I did not get the goal,” then you must understand that you have done something wrong and that is why your goal just slides away from you. You must jot it down somewhere that the major cause of failure is when one gets detracted from the main path and thus, the zeal to achieve something larger than life fades away.

6. Failure Is the Beginning of the Unexpected

It is a remarkable observation that one of the biggest failure of a person’s life turns out to be the life-changer. It is so because once you see the deepest chasm, your heart pumps fast as you seem to experience the worst phase of your life from where it is impossible to return. From then onwards, you develop a different view of this world and you become too conscious about your decisions and thus, work hard not to let failure accompany you again.

7. See Where You Stand Amongst Others

Generally, people live their lives in a way that they can fit in amongst their peer group and try to pretend to be a stud. Once you fall from the cliff, you stand at a position where you can see you’re not competent enough to compete with others. Failure is the state that instills in your mind – your standing in your eyes and also in that of the others. It gives you strength to work on yourself and have the stature to reach the equilibrium state.

 8. Time for Realization

Failure is the time when your stomach tickles with guilt and you are in perplexity as to what is happening. Expectations and psychological pressure would always be over your head to haunt you, but that does not mean you’ll end up cutting your own throat. You must take advantage of your failures and realize that it is time for you to show some real action and assemble the torn pieces of the puzzle. You have to turn a deaf ear to all the distractions and hit your stride.

9. Desolation Will Not Help You Anyway

When you experience failure closely, the next step is that you find yourself in a state of misery. The autumn suddenly turns on as all the blossoms start to lose their glow and shed off after sometime. The days of anguish are necessary in life to overcome the dizziness from life, but don’t let autumn stay around you for a long time because you need to spare time for retaliation as well. If you are so doomed that you just want to spend your life in depression, then don’t hesitate, go ahead, but do keep in mind that it will not help you in understanding the reality of life and you will become a loser indeed.

10. Self-Blame Is the Acceptance of Failure

When you reach a stage where you accept your fault and you are ready to figure out new ways for it, then you are mentally prepared to face the situation. When something goes wrong, people begin to pass on the blame to others, forgetting the fact that they are the ones who shoved themselves into that discomfort. Unless you become aware of your mistake and you don’t transfer your blame, rather take it with pride, you become a fighter. Self-blame helps you in gaining control on aggression that evolves from incessant failures.

Does the count of your failures scare you? Have you lost faith in yourself and have come to a conclusion that you are just not worthy of anything? Do you think that failure has hit every bone of your body? Has unstoppable trail of failures squeezed out every inch of blood that you had in your body? Persistence and perseverance are the two peculiar mantras that only failure can teach. Failure, if taken positively turns out to be a teacher and if taken as a burden, then it becomes a halseny. It is truly said by renowned TV host Ellen DeGeneres that “It is failure that gives you the proper perspective on success.” So, don’t let failure obsess you, rather let it be part of your life and not your whole life.