10 Simple Ways to Be Happier

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Happiness is a feeling of mind that we all find difficult to achieve and maintain yet keep trying to get it. Almost all of us equate happiness with contentment, joy, self-worth, and well-being. Most of us find it tough to be cheerful and euphoric all the time owing to stressful … Read more

7 Tips for Busy People to Stay Happy


We are living in the age of technology which is getting advanced day by day, making our lives easier and fast paced. However, this modern way of living has made us busier and stressed out, too. Nowadays, we find ourselves burdened with work, expectations, and relationship commitments like never before. … Read more

10 Ways To Avoid Stress At Home

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Whenever you feel a need to cope up with something, whenever you face a threat, you start to seek any potential defence mechanism and when you cannot find any, you get stressed. Nowadays, people are more stressed than they ever were. In order to curb the harmful effects of stress … Read more

6 Ways to De-stress During a Busy Office Day

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Do you want to make your office hours enjoyable and stress free? Do you want to become the perfect example of the ‘coolest’ guy who can take in pressure yet deliver work on time? Then attention one and all, here’s coming your way 6 useful tips to de-stress yourself during … Read more

7 Tips For Personality Development For Students


Our personality is the true reflection of our inner being. As a student, it is essential to develop an outgoing and impressive personality that will enhance the quality of learning and educating oneself. There are lessons on ‘personality development’ almost everywhere and that proves how important it is to inculcate … Read more

8 Tips To Make Yourself Confident

Know Yourself

We were born with it, but somewhere along the way, we tend to lose it. It is this self-confidence which is embalming to our personality as we grow up into charming and stronger intellectuals. Most of the times, we leave this decision of drawing conclusions about ourselves, on others. Get … Read more

5 Ways To Respond Instead Of Reacting

Walk Away

It is a difficult situation indeed, when trying to control our words when we are angry. Our heart keeps pounding and wants to vent its anger on the person in front of us making us even angrier. But remember that angry words, spoken or written messages sent in anger are … Read more

5 Helpful Tips to Discover Your Maximum Potential


In the era of global competitiveness, leading companies are looking for confident people who can transform their conventional ideas into lucrative innovations. Most employers today, need people who possess great mental clarity, energy and emotional balance to tackle the everyday challenges at work. This challenging job market does not accept … Read more