5 Indoor Activities For Kids During Summer Breaks

Making Scrapbook

For a kid, a summer break means no classroom lectures, homework, or exams. However, for a parent, it usually means having a noisy, bored, and naughty kid running amok in the house. During summer vacation, kids have lots of free time, no specific timetable to follow, and very few interesting … Read more

5 Fun Games For House Parties With Friends

Card Game

We all love to party with our family members and friends. A party means friendly acquaintances, tasty food, bright decorations, and of course, enjoyable party games. However, you may find that hosting a lively memorable party for friends is not an easy task. You will need to include fun-filled games … Read more

6 Books To Read When You’re Feeling Depressed

The Alchemist

Depression can be a chronic condition as well as a temporary feeling. What we need then is someone or something to cheer us up or make our minds diverted from our woes. Ironically, when we are in throes of depression, we tend to remain alone, disinterested, and mournful. For chronically … Read more

5 Easy To Cook Indian Dishes For Bachelors

Basmati Rice Kheer

Are you an Indian bachelor, culinary-challenged, and staying away from home? If yes, then waste no time and go through this (almost!) life-changing article. Yes, we know you have mastered the art of cooking instant noodles, omelette, and sandwiches. We also appreciate that you have, smartly, saved the phone numbers … Read more

5 Socializing Tips For Introverts

Making Friends

You can call yourself an introvert if you do not enjoy company and are at peace when left alone. When the mind tends to be preoccupied with its own thoughts, it does not seek anyone else’s attention. Such people try to minimise their contact with other people. This does not … Read more

7 Stress Release Tips For Working Women

Working Women

Toiling hard to strike a chord of balance between work and home? Working women are usually undergoing various levels of occupational stress every day. Gender-specific job stressors, like difficulties in combining work with family or sex discrimination at work, lead to accumulation of negativity. Stress is increasingly becoming a common … Read more