8 Tips To Make Yourself Confident

Know Yourself

We were born with it, but somewhere along the way, we tend to lose it. It is this self-confidence which is embalming to our personality as we grow up into charming and stronger intellectuals. Most of the times, we leave this decision of drawing conclusions about ourselves, on others. Get … Read more

5 Ways To Respond Instead Of Reacting

Walk Away

It is a difficult situation indeed, when trying to control our words when we are angry. Our heart keeps pounding and wants to vent its anger on the person in front of us making us even angrier. But remember that angry words, spoken or written messages sent in anger are … Read more

5 Helpful Tips to Discover Your Maximum Potential


In the era of global competitiveness, leading companies are looking for confident people who can transform their conventional ideas into lucrative innovations. Most employers today, need people who possess great mental clarity, energy and emotional balance to tackle the everyday challenges at work. This challenging job market does not accept … Read more

6 Tips to Feel More Confident During Job Interviews

Job Interview

Will I get this job? What if they will not hire me? Am I prepared for the interview? These are some common questions which arise in our mind while facing an interview. Also, these are the thoughts which diminish our confidence. Sweaty palms, dry mouth, shortage of breath, shake in … Read more

5 Ways to Deal with Angry People

Angery Persons

The situations of your life and the way you deal with them define you the best. Whatever circumstances come your way, anger is a serious threat to them all. It is like the forest fire that holds the potential to destruct your life. Be it an angry boss or an … Read more

7 Activities To Enjoy During Long Power Cuts

Playing Guitar

Power cut has become a common way of life for us, albeit a disruptive one. It is nearly impossible to imagine a single day or night of our lives, without electricity. In fact, during an unexpected power cut, almost all of us feel irritated, helpless, and unhappy. We sit quiet, … Read more

5 Interesting Activities For Family Picnics

Lumpini Sundial

Picnics are a fun way for families to unwind, forge deeper bonds and enjoy a day off. It is not just about a family outing, but a lot more. It is all about being able to enjoy with your kids while spending quality time with them. How about introducing some … Read more