Know How to Measure Success in Life

Now when coming to the rate of success or how we measure success, then its concept differs from person to person. People, there is no set formula or a tried and tested by which the rate of success can be determined, like today I have achieved my goal so I have attained this much amount of success. After all this is not at all sensible.

Photo by TeroVesalainen,  CC0 1.0

1. Depends on Your Viewpoint

As, the viewpoint of every person differs regarding different things, so does the view on what is success differs from person to person. Taking an example of the rose, a person who will be of positive thoughts and will be optimistic, will see the rose and the other one who is always negative will see the thorns in it, regardless of the beauty of the rose. Likewise, some people see failures; others see failures as the stairs that will help them achieve success.

2. What You Believe Is Important

You should always determine your success rate by seeing yourself and not by judging yourself against others. You yearn for knowing what success is. You set your target for a day, beat them and learn from the mistakes you have done, this will be your success. Success also can be seen from various viewpoints. Like you can set your short term or the long term goals for determining or achieving success, whatever you wish to. No one can impede your path of achieving success in your goal, once you set your eyes on your goal, are determined towards it and are working hard for achieving it. You will become the architect of your own fate. Fortune also favours those, who believe in the principle of hard work. Name and fame cannot be achieved by a sheer store of luck.

3. It Is Different for Everyone

For a child success means getting a good score in the exam, for a college student it may be to be placed in a good company after he graduates. The way people look at success also differs. Like some believes that they will be successful if they have money, some want fame, some want peace of mind. So, success can’t be calculated by simply applying a mathematical formula. For a poor person success is having good simple food before sleep at night and for a middle-class family, it may mean going on a good and relaxing vacation. Similarly, what is success will be different for a rich class family.

Hence the meaning and significance of success depends and differs from every other person to person and one will find diversity in it according to one point of view. It’s just that you ought to chase what your heart says and do whatever you love doing and are passionate about. Success will automatically run after you.