How Can Meditation Overcome Anxiety


Do you find yourself grappling with mental stress or anxiety attacks? Do negative thoughts occupy your mind most of the time? Do you feel helpless and miserable about this? If yes, then be certain that you are not the only one facing such a situation. Actually, our modern ways of living, materialistic goals, bad diet, and busy lives have rendered us prone to stress and anxiety, much more than ever before.


Photo by Sebastien Wiertz, CC BY 2.0

Luckily, you can get yourself out of this hapless condition by practicing appropriate meditational techniques!

Recent scientific studies have proved that meditation is an excellent way to calm the human mind. Meditation, once considered as a spiritual practice of monks, has now become one of most preferred means to drive away anxiety and other negative feelings, for most of us. Notably, it aids us in changing our negative thought process into a beneficial and optimistic one. In fact, it helps us to achieve mental peace, relax our bodies, and fight off our negative emotions. Some of the popular meditation techniques are Zen, Mindfulness, and Mantra-based meditations.

Read on to know more in details about how meditation helps you to overcome anxiety:

1. Helps To Detach Yourself From Your Feelings And Thoughts

Meditation doesn’t mean closing your eyes and escaping your life’s problems or pretending that the outside world is non-existent. It, actually, allows you to look at your problems, emotions, and thoughts, in a non-judgmental manner. In meditation, you acknowledge their presence in your mind without attaching any significance to them. This would mean that you are letting them be as they are and ending your fixation with them. As a result, you begin to treat your thoughts and emotions as temporary stirrings of your mind. Thus, you start having a better control over how you respond to your thoughts or feelings.

2. Gets You Out Of Negative Feedback Cycle

Negative thoughts and anxiety are inter-related. Sometimes, it is a negative thought that makes you anxious and other times it is your anxious mind that creates a negative thought. Still, by practicing meditation you can get yourself out of this vicious cycle. Meditation, also, helps you to find the origin of your anxiety.

3. Allows Your Mind To Become Peaceful

When you regard your negative feelings and uncomfortable thoughts as unimportant, your mind calms down and it enters into a state of tranquility. In fact, you can easily control your thought process and start thinking positively. Thus, meditation is the best way to overcome your anxiety and reach pace of mind, without any drawbacks.

4. Lets You Recognize Your Power of choice

Sometimes, it’s harder to stay unaffected by some of the thoughts swirling inside your mind. They bother you till you become anxious and lose your peace of mind. Meditation, however, makes you realize that it’s up to you to choose whether or not you want to let go of some or all of them. Once you understand this, you will be able to deal effortlessly with your uncomfortable thought process and acquire the mental peace you had yearned for so long.

5. Makes You See Yourself In A New Light

As you become more adept at practicing meditation, you will feel yourself transformed at both mental and spiritual levels. Moreover, you’ll enjoy better physical health and emotional wellbeing. Your new outlook towards life will also affect all your relationships and interactions with people around you in a positive manner.

Try to include meditation as part of your healthy lifestyle, if you want to lead a tranquil, positive, and enjoyable life. You can enroll yourself in a meditation class, get a personal instructor, or go through books and videos to learn ways to practice meditation.

Keep in mind that a meditation technique works only if you practice it regularly and with true dedication. Only then, you will be able to enjoy various benefits of Meditation.