7 Ways to Dream Big, Believe in It, And Achieve Success in Life

“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.”
– Jim Rohn


There is no single mantra to achieve success. Everyone needs to etch their own unique paths to their destiny, in the sands of time. But there does exist general ground rules that can be applied to any goal, profession or personal journey to fulfil your aspirations. So, if you are on a mission to achieve success, follow the steps given below:

Photo by Pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. What Is Your Dream?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? You need to figure out your dreams and aspirations to move forward in life. We all aspire to become someone or have something, but is it something that we actually need? Ask yourself some of these questions ‘What do I want to do in life?’, ‘Where do I see myself in the next 5 years?’, ‘Does my aspirations align with my vision for tomorrow?’ or ‘Will this make me a better version of me?’

Once you’ve pondered upon these questions, you may realize your passion in life and what you want to achieve. Take sufficient time to introspect and set out a Plan of Action for yourself.

2. Turn Your Dreams into Goals

Once you know what you have to do in life, it’s imperative that you take steps to make that a reality in your life. Believe in your dreams and work on it. Jot down a trajectory that will lead you to your desired goals. Make short term goals for your long-term aspirations. Make sure to do something every day to walk step by step towards the GOAL of your life!

3. Seek and Achieve!

Faith plays a pivotal role in your journey to your desired dreams. All great achievers usually see where they need to be. Their vision carries them forward, from what they see to what they become.

According to research, focused visualization often works because your subconscious mind tries to sync your current scenario and what you’re visualizing. It tries to resolve any difference between those two and move towards your envisioned scenario. Therefore, your subconscious is that the intercessor, attempting to find what you’re seeing.

You may have heard it multiple times, what you seek is seeking you. It’s true. Believing and envisioning that alternate universe opens your mind and attracts what you seek.

4. Positive Outlook Towards Life

The journey to success can never be easy. It is never going to be pleasant, what you expected or comfortable when you aspire to create your own lineage. You will face multiple obstacles in your life whether it is financially or emotionally.

You need to realise that everything happens for a reason and have faith in your journey and your capabilities. You were born to fulfil a purpose, the one that you’re working on. Believe in it! Always have faith and an optimistic outlook on life, there are millions of permutations to do everything, believe that you’ll find your way.

5. Have A Mentor

A good mentor helps you think through a plan, suggests ways in which you can work towards that goal and provide the expertise and savvy you’re missing. You’ll get a head up once you are in the right direction and an alert once hassle comes — most likely long before you’d have noticed it yourself.

Finding a mentor suitable to your weaknesses is a good start to finding loopholes that you may not be able to see. Taking time out to network and find someone who fits best with your needs can always give you a lead. You get to expand your contacts with a mentor who can introduce you to the right people. This period of growth through your journey is a time to listen and learn. A mentor can always help you in understanding multi-faced aspects of a world you may be unaware of.

6. Work, Work, Work!

You’ve figured out your dream, you’ve made plans/short term goals. What do you need to do next? Obviously, work for it. Success comes to those who strive for excellence in their work. Successful people work persistently to achieve what they set out to achieve. Being diligent is an imperative habit that one needs to learn and embed to achieve anything in life.

Your short-term tasks multiplied by the number of times they’re done is equal to your long-term accomplishments!

7. Enjoy Life

Always reward yourself for the journey you’ve set out for, enjoy working towards your dreams. If you’re doing something that you are passionate about then you must enjoy every aspect of it. Life is a journey with lessons to learn and grow.  So, enjoy it as much as you possibly can. And once you reach your desired goal, don’t forget to reward yourself for these achievements! Be generous enough to share your journey and happiness with the ones you love to have a fulfilling life in every aspect.