7 Tips For Personality Development For Students


Our personality is the true reflection of our inner being. As a student, it is essential to develop an outgoing and impressive personality that will enhance the quality of learning and educating oneself. There are lessons on ‘personality development’ almost everywhere and that proves how important it is to inculcate this trait in our lives. So, if you wish to seek popularity in your student life, here are 7 useful tips that will help you in working on your personality:

1. Study Your Own Self

Self Study

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As a student, it is all about studying! Well, this one goes for studying your own character. Knowing your talents as well as shortcomings will give you an insight into problem areas that are hindering with the process of personality development. Do not leave this work of introspection on others. Self criticism will work wonders. Once you have got a glimpse of your negative points, work upon them by making small goals. Measure your achievement after the set time and re-formulate the goals. See how it works in improving your image amongst peer group and your teacher, guide or mentor. The lies we tell to other people is nothing as compared to the extent we lie to ourselves. So, it is no use to be false positive about your shortcomings. On the other hand, you should also seek hidden skills and talents that you are good at. Polish such positive points to shine bright in your class and among friends.

2. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication Skills

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Today, it is a world of competition. You will be left behind in the race if you lack in communication. This is not just limited to verbal communication. Expression of thoughts through writing can create a strong impact on the reader too. Keep a strong hold on language. Try to participate actively in more and more group discussions on topics that are relevant to your area of study. When working in a team, emphasise on both listening to others and sharing your thoughts. It does not necessarily mean that you have to talking all the time! But yes, students can impress their faculty as well as future interviewers effectively by to-the-point discussions and informative replies.

3. Body Language Depicts Your Attitude

Body Language

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It is not just our tongue that talks. Our body also says out aloud. People around you get unique signals about your attitude by observing your body language. So, say it out impressively through your body’s postures. Keep a habit of holding your head high, shoulders pulled back and tummy in. Do not drag your feet while walking, rather, pick up your feet and take more confident steps. Control your body from swaying too much. Most importantly, don’t forget to wear a smile as it can make you look pleasant and eager to mingle!

4. Bringing In Your Own Opinion


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‘I want freedom for the full expression of my personality’ – had been very rightly quoted by Mahatma Gandhi. When you are a silent member in the group, you will never get a chance to be heard out. Without being heard, you cannot think of creating a long-lasting impression. So, come forward with your views about the subject and discuss it openly. Even if others are not voicing the same opinion, do not hesitate to think and speak differently. Maybe, your ideas work out to the best answers and solutions. That will help you to make a mark in the books of your audience.

5. Proper Planning For Best Performance


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As a student, planning out your goals becomes a necessary part of your lifestyle. These are certain golden years which demand high input for a peak performance. Learning potential has to be tapped from all possible resources. The schedule of student ought to be well-planned to the smallest details so that utilization of time is maximised. Give it your fullest and watch the remarkable achievements when your performance is judged academically.

6. Be A Patient Listener


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Listen to what the other person is saying and try to fathom what do the words intend to mean. We usually listen, just to listen. This means we are not attentive to the thoughts being expressed by the person. Give everyone their importance by listening intently and then responding by voicing out your opinion. This is especially important for the image building process you are working upon for your personality.

7. Be Loving And Congenial


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Connections are made with the heart, not the tongue. Stop being arrogant and self-centred! Take out time to understand others’ emotions and empathize with someone who needs it. A loving and congenial personality attracts people and makes you more wanted among your friends and fellow students. Help out in areas which are your forte and be open to share your knowledge. Then see how easily you can win hearts.

Personality can be polished not in a day, but very gradually. Search for your shortcomings and try to work on them. Put in these simple efforts and you will find you are being liked and appreciated much more.