6 Reasons Why Vacations Are Important For Stress-Free Work


‘Rest is not idleness. To lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summers day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time’. This has rightly been quoted by Sir John Lubbock in his famous book ‘The Use of Life’. Time has become so precious these days that taking a break from work and vacationing becomes our last priority. A normal working day in today’s modern world is full of a variety of stresses, pressures and dissatisfactions. Monotonous weekly routines make us vulnerable to boredom at work. If that sounds like you, you ought to think of taking a break. Opting for a relaxing vacation is a good option as it will prepare you for a fresh start at work after you return. Here are 6 reasons why vacations are important for stress-free work:


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1. Vacations Are Better Than A Long Weekend

In the present working culture, the concept of long vacations is gradually vanishing. Prolonged working hours with pressures to achieve deadlines leaves employees fatigued and less productive. The capability to work efficiently gives way gradually when one has to work under stress continuously. Long or extended weekends is the common respite these days. But we are mostly unable to cut off ourselves completely from work during these so called ‘relaxing’ weekends too. In order to ‘disconnect’ completely from work related stress, a longer vacation is a must. When you disconnect fully, only then can you reconnect better. Vacationing leaves us refreshed and encourages the mind to look forward to, with a new outlook at work after returning.

2. Time Off Is Medicine

Stress related disorders are commonly reported nowadays. Anxiety and depression have been related to job stress according to the latest research. It has become like an epidemic in today’s 24/7 world. Vacations act like a cure for such issues. A single annual long vacation has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attacks by 30 percent in males and 50 percent in females in the USA. The stress of continuously working under pressure breaks a person emotionally. Holidaying helps in moving away from the stress resources which itself gives the tired body and mind a chance to heal.

3. Vacation Refuels The Mind

In a world full of chaos and tensions, spending time for refreshing the mind does not seem to be a priority. But, in reality, quality refreshment can actually make things brighter. Just as a ‘power nap’ of 15 minutes has been proved to improve an employee’s productivity in post-lunch work, similarly a long vacation also relaxes the mind and makes work more enjoyable after joining back.

4. Vacations Work Great For Family Bonding

Working hard to finish off gruelling work hardly leaves any time for family. Sharing small joys of life with children becomes a task. Each partner keeps expecting love from the other but racing against time makes it difficult to spend closer moments together. Even older people keep looking for the ‘right’ time to talk their working children. Planning a family vacation is just the right way to strengthen family ties. It gives ample time to know the family members more closely in a new environment. Cherished memories of a fun filled family holiday have been known to stay in the minds of children throughout their lives.

5. Experience New Thrills And Enjoy Life During A Vacation

Adventure during a long trek leaves you thrilled much more than a promotion at your job would. Visiting new places can be very exciting. It lets the mind explore its imagination and creativity sparks newer thoughts. One can taste new delicacies which are famous locally. Meeting and befriending new people en route can be refreshing and satisfying for the soul. The mind is challenged by surprises which can end up being more enjoyable, especially when your vacation diverts from your planned schedule.

6. You Are Not Indispensable For Your Work

The decision to go on a vacation is usually difficult to take because most of us think we are indispensable for our job. It seems impossible to move away from our work. But when everyday routines become mentally and physically exhausting, a vacation can prove rejuvenating and you will return back stress free. The much-needed detour from monotonous routines is essential for adults as well as children.

Do not hesitate in planning your vacation. There will always be constraints of time and money. There will always be loads of pending work. But everything can wait. Going on a vacation can be extremely rewarding in terms of relaxation and freedom from stress.