5 Ways to Develop Innovative Ideas at Workplace

Work is worship – for people who honor their work as their life’s first priority. Ideas have no time or place constraints and they can invigorate anytime, anywhere, but some people feel that they need a conducive environment that can instigate such innovative ideas in their mind. So, the generation of innovation can be guaranteed by the adoption of certain ways that can ensure constant flow of unique ideas as well as the progress of the company. Do you think the corporate culture hampers the outbreak and proliferation of good ideas? If yes, then you must be among those fellows who feel that innovative ideas can take birth only while sitting on the pot in the washroom at home. In fact, to some extent, it is true. The best thought process is carried out when a person sits in solitude without disturbance in the lavatory. But, what to do, you can’t always keep sitting there to let the idea pop out of your head, you need to find other ways. You can’t just complain that you are a bathroom or washroom thinker and your brain nerves cease to produce out of the box ideas when you are not alone. So, here are 5 ways you can to use to stretch your neurons, start squeezing out the best potential of your brain, and elicit new ideas:

Innovation In Workplace

Photo by Bruno Scramgnon, CC0 1.0

1. Keep Your Ears and Eyes Open

Ideas are not subject to anything specific, it can be derived from any object, human, or fantasy, etc. For instance, you observe a colleague and you can draw a new perspective towards the person as you start to think of him as your subject matter. Your colleague’s weird temperament might become the source of an idea. You can’t categorize the sources of idea generation. So, be vigilant and observe everyone and everything around you in the office with a bird’s eye view. Once you become observant, you can never be in dearth of ideas because you’ll never have a shortage of sources.

2. Read Inspirational Stories

Innovation dwells in every individual, but the difference is how one uses it or not. The most useful and practical ideas occur in mind when you have a strong backing to stimulate that idea. You should read something motivational and approve the innovative ideas considering all the valid points in mind. Inspiration behind any idea makes an idea even more substantial. So, read books and watch films that activate your brain calls and get something grandeur out of it.

3. Find A Quiet Place to Ponder

Surrounded by many colleagues and their murmuring sounds, you might not feel comfortable in paying attention to your thoughts. So, you better go to a silent place and then design any innovative concept in your mind. You must not try to exert pressure on your brain to deliver a great idea to you, you should be calm and let it flow. You can settle the unsteadiness of your mind only by continuous practice of meditation. Even if you find yourself in a place where your head starts pounding due to the sounds of loud gongs or of the chinwags, then keep quiet and let your mind rest for a while. Try to become more self-composed to understand the uncertainties of life. Have faith in your idea because no idea is big or small.

4. Motivate Yourself by The Incentives

If you keep yourself in a state where nothing motivates you, but monetary benefits, then you must turn it into the foundation of your idea building process. What I mean to say is in order to be prompt with new ideas, you must keep this thought buzzing in your head “You need a good idea to earn your incentives,” then definitely something inventive will strike your mind. No matter what your motivational stunt is, what’s important is that you offer new ideas to your company which helps it to grow. Remember the film “The Wolf of the Wall Street”! How the main character “Sales Person” played by Leonardo DeCaprio cracks the sales and becomes the trending face of business arena? The motive behind his sale was to earn millions of dollars and this is what lured him to present money-oriented ideas. So, money is a bait to lighten up the brain with extraordinary ideas.

5. Think for The Welfare of the Firm

When you are working in an organization, you are an employee first and then, an individual. So, you need to keep your company’s goodwill at No. 1 and then channelize your thoughts accordingly. Whatever contemplation you have, try to associate them with the progress of your company. Once you consider your firm supreme, you will be able to think for its well-being. Therefore, innovation will no longer be the subordinate of your workplace and ideas will enter your mind anytime, whether you are at home, in your office or in your restroom.


So, do you still think that you have problems coming up with ingenious ideas when you are in your office? Do you feel that your brain has been hammered by the factors existing around you? Does your mind get frozen when you are assigned a project in office? Does your mind think critically or you have got a higher quotient of creative thinking skills? The people have both the weapons – convergent and divergent thinking – the difference is that some have inclination towards the former and other towards the latter. So, decide which category you fall into? It is your brain, your brain cells and how you use it, totally depends on you.  Make sure that you don’t exhaust your mind for the germination of a new idea, just keep thinking intermittently and everything would be fine.