5 Ways On How To Treat Your Failures In A Positive Manner

Keep Trying

Facing failure is not fun, especially if you fail in something which is important to you. But treating your failures with positivity is very essential. Otherwise, it might drown you and your strengths. The famous Michael Jordan admits, “I have failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed”. Failure should be accepted as a teacher who teaches us very important lessons of life. This learning can be possible only if you look at failure positively. Read on to know about 5 ways about treating failures positively:

1. Keep Trying

Keep Trying

Photo by BK, CC BY-SA 2.0

If you fail in achieving your desirable targets, that does not mean you should quit trying and it definitely does not mean you will fail every time. Although it may sound cliché, but still always remember the story of the hard working spider that overcomes all its failed attempts to build a web by trying again and again until it succeeds. If you consider it as your last try, more than half the chances are you will fail. But if you are determined to ultimately reach your goal, never hesitate to try again, even if it is your 1000th time. All successful people are not born successful. They experience failures too, but what makes them different is their will to keep trying.

2. Failure Is An Event, It Is Not You


Photo by BK, CC BY-SA 2.0

Most of us judge ourselves by our failures. If you have been unable to fulfil a pre-thought set of aims, it does not mean you are incapable, or weak or incompetent. You might have failed because you tried in the wrong direction, or you did not try it with your maximum potential. The conclusion by others that ‘it was a stupid attempt’ also makes us feel bad for our failures. The society tends to judge our personalities by the number of failures we have gone through. But the same people will visualise you with a new perspective if you are highly successful in your field. So, don’t rely on others to define you by your failures or even your success. Believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving your goal if you work in the right direction.

3. Move On, Don’t Keep Dwelling And Sulking

Move On

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Everyone faces failures. It is OK to fail. No big achievements are accomplished in the first go. It is a natural tendency to err, but it takes a lot of courage and motivation to overcome mistakes and move on. Disappointments should not be a setback in our journey of life. It is a waste of time and energy to keep sulking about our failures. Cursing our bad luck or feeling depressed about our write-offs will only make us sadder. Instead, one should try to feel inspired by motivating examples of people who have defeated their failures and moved on to newer heights of success. Try working in a new dimension with a different approach. Each mistake that you made offers a lesson to be learnt. Try to avoid those mistakes and move ahead with a fresh vision about your aim.

4. Stay Focussed

Stay Focussed

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If you really want to hit the bull’s eye, concentrate all your energy to the focal point. Your target should be the limelight of your thoughts and actions. A failed attempt should not divert you from your aims. This requires a strong will power and self-determination. Failures should be at the periphery and your goal should be the centre point. Gather all your strengths and attempt again with a better insight. Try to visualize clearly where you are lacking and think about the right steps which will take you nearer to your aim. Success will be easier to achieve if you do your homework well, recall your past mistakes and set your eyes on your desired result. Then, stand back on your feet again and make the dive.

5. Be Positive

Be Positive

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From personal experiences, we learn to live life. Success and failure keep coming and going in cycles. Every time they teach us something new. Taking our weaknesses and failures with a strong positivity is what it takes to stay happy. Over a period of time, when we repeatedly err, which is a human characteristic, we gain valuable experiences. Positivity can be our strongest weapon to overcome our failures. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, read motivational stories and be in the company of supportive and positive people.

“I am not concerned that you have fallen. I am concerned that you arise” – said the great leader Abraham Lincoln. Act positively and you will surely conquer your failures to meet success.