5 Ways How Meditation Improves Will Power


Meditation empowers the self. One of the famous quotes of Buddha goes to say-“Meditate, Live purely, be quiet, Do your work with mastery, like the moon, and come out from behind the clouds. Shine”! Meditation acts like a gym in strengthening our mental muscles of will and determination. With too much work and too little time, one tends to surrender when faced with a tensed situation. The way temptations leave us exposed to various kinds of self control tests, working on improving will power will go a long way in passing these tests. Meditation is one of the best methods to achieve better self control and this is how it works:


Photo by suc, CC0 1.0

1. Meditation Improves Blood Flow To The Brain

It has been proven through research that 3 hours of meditation actually increases circulation in the pre frontal cortex areas of the human brain. This is the area that regulates characteristics of thought processes like self-control and will power. So, the next time you try to conquer a temptation with self-discipline, be rest assured as regular meditation can raise your determination level to a new high and you will be able to finally do it!

2. Works Towards Achieving Self-Awareness

After starting meditation, one can realise its immense power. As you gradually get habitual of sitting quietly and meditating for longer periods, you will get more aware of yourself, and that helps in conscious efforts to be self-driven. The silence of meditation not only takes our minds to a vacuum, but also helps us reflect within ourselves and discover hidden strengths. This is what is required to conquer our weaknesses when we are in charge of taking rightful decisions.

3. It Makes Our Long Term Goals Clear

Does it sound a familiar situation that saying ‘no’ to a tempting burger becomes impossible, or dragging out of the bed for the morning jog seems an unreachable aim? Well, meditation can help you out in conquering such everyday wars with your own will power. Daily practice of meditation reminds us in the tempting moments about our long term aims that we have set before ourselves. It might be a target to exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes daily or it may be a ‘no junk food’ pledge that you have been inspired to take for your health. If you meditate, you will note an amazing difference how strong you have become from within.

4. Meditation Releases Feel-Good Chemicals In The Brain

Meditation has been shown to produce more of the good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins in the brain. The stress that irritates our nerve endings and makes us tensed is soothed down and as a result, our brain becomes calm and relaxed. If we move on with a relaxed mind, we have better abilities to work on virtues like self-discipline and controlling our impulses. People, who face a host of stresses in their lives, have acknowledged the advantages of meditation. It leaves them tougher and more determined to achieve their targets by preserving their positive energies.

5. It Drives Away Unwanted Thoughts

“Meditate and you will become more and more ‘you’” – is the perfect description of meditation. It does not need a high level training program to learn meditation, it only needs regular practice. Once you gain expertise in meditating, all your wandering thoughts will start vanishing. Meditation calls for a lot of concentration on breathing. This focus actually steers our minds clear of all unnecessary thought processes which try to creep in as soon as we close our eyes. Such self control over one’s own minds makes us in charge of our life, we can then attain our desires with a stronger will power to cross all obstacles and reach our destination.

It is easier said than done. Meditation is not just about closing eyes and sitting quietly. It has the capacity to take you deep down within your inner soul where you can freely interact with yourself. Once you learn this beneficial art, you can create new avenues by your will power which will surprise you about your own potential!