5 Practices to Develop Innovative Thinking

“The true sign of intelligence is imagination.” -Albert Einstein

Innovation is a part and parcel of our quotidian life and it is credited to be a herculean weapon. Some people are born with a naturally creative mind while others need to build it with a toiling rehearsal. The creative thinkers also possess the potential to metamorphose the comprehensible ideas to large scale innovations. Creativity is pervaded by the propensity to cognize the world in contemporary ways, to locate the masked sequence, make connections between seemingly unallied phenomena and to conjure their respective solutions.

Here is our handpicked list of 5 practices that immensely helps to develop an innovative thought process.

Photo by pixabay, CC0 1.0

1. Indispensable Power of Books

A well-read person has a far more innovative mind than anyone else. Reading a book is considered as a brilliant exercise of our mind. It buckles the mind muscles and nurtures your imaginative skills in a magnificent way. It also sedates your heart rate and ameliorates tension in the muscles. You will also end up with a large stock of vocabulary and will have substantial bedrock to invade your imagination.  The act of reading leads to better degree engrossment and eventually sharpens your creativity. It validates a gluttonous urge for knowledge and springs up mind boggling windows to the far-flung world. Thus, a vigorous amount of reading is equivalent to resplendent innovations.

2. Shell Off Your Comfort Zone

Our thought process and the perceptions remain meagre when we abide by our dreary routines. Comfort zone confiscates our mind and restricts our mindsets to a stooping level. It bends our minds to conform to the societal set ups and obstructs our screaming souls. One must break off from their comfort zones to fabricate an innovative mind. Always remember that miracles happen when you step out of your bubble. Thus, embrace the unconventional avenues and permit yourself to think out-of-the-box.

3. Plough Your Networking Skills

Our peripheral environment also dominates our mindset to an extended magnitude.  Networking is the fuel that stimulates victory and is a convenient path for learning directly from the individuals. The advantages of conglomeration and multiplying your own sovereignty also give a sense of supremacy.  It is tremendously crucial to have positive set of people in your life who will cultivate your creative mind with glimmering rays. It is your responsibility to include galvanizing people in your social circle who will assist you to see things in an all together nascent perspectives and shall help you to construct brand new ideas. Never forget that positivity reaps positivity while, negativity garners only negativity.

4. Travel Escapades

In recent years, psychologists and neuroscientists have analyzed that spending a hefty amount of time on traveling has the possibility to determine mental alterations. In general, creativity is connected to neuroplasticity and the coiling of our brain.  Neural pathways are authorized by environment and are also sensitive to external modifications.  New sounds, new smells, new languages, new culture, new tastes, new sensations, and breath-taking landscapes flicker varying conjunctions in the brain and may have the capability to resuscitate the mind. In addition, traveling sets you free and have the flair to blossom an innovative mind.

5. Unlatch Your Muse

Well, it can be anything like music, painting, dance, swimming, badminton, and etc etera. Don’t shy away from whirling around to the music beats or, painting a blank canvas with the hues of your fantasy. Thus, gear up and make a wise choice to boost your genius intellect. Therefore, use the enthusiastic equipment of your choice to stimulate your creative mind.