5 Nursing Tips To Keep Patients Happy!


Nursing and taking care of patients is considered as one of the noblest profession in the world. At the same time it can also prove to be one of the most hectic and frustrating job as you need to deal with different patients suffering from different type of disorders. Apart from ensuring physical well-being of patients nurses have to ensure emotional wellness of the patients also. No amount of tip can guarantee a patients satisfaction and perfect health. However, the below mentioned tips would help you to keep your patients happy.


Photo by wr52351, CC BY-ND 2.0

1. Try To Empathize With The Patient

Always remember that the patient you are dealing with is sick and uncomfortable. He’s not in best of his physical and emotional state. At times the patient may crib like a small kid or throw tantrums around. It’s at time like these when your patience would be tested and you would need to cater to patients demands. At the same time ensure that you explain your patient when he is wrong but in a sweet and polite manner. Maintain the calmness in your tone and language. Keep in mind that no one wants to be a patient by choice but it is your choice to be nurse.

2. Don’t Just Hear But Listen To The Patients

Sometimes all that a patient needs is someone who would listen out to him. When your patient wants to talk to you ensure that you make proper eye contact and do not seem disinterested. Apart from understanding the patients’words you also need to get his non-verbal hints and cues. This way the patient will develop a sense of trust for you and will hence forth listen to your instructions carefully. He will agree to take his medicines and syringes on time. This will also make your job easy and stress free.

3. Be Caring And Nice Towards Your Patients

Keep in your mind that as a nurse your job is not restricted to providing medical care to the patients. It is your responsibility to provide your patient with all the information that they need. You will have to assure all kind of support to your patient. At times your patients might ask for extra help. Do not refuse them outright just because it is beyond your work scope or profile. As far as possible, try to extend a helping hand towards your patients.

4. Document All The Relevant Events And Facts

You need to keep a note of all the facts and information regarding your patient like his allergy issues, medicine dosage and diet. It is impossible to remember all the details about all your patients. Hence, it is best that you document all these details in a file and tag it with individual patients’ name. Apart from helping your patients, these details can be helpful in case of litigation as well. You can use them as proof in your defense.

5. Stay Positive

A positive and happy attitude can heal any wound and medical disorder. Hence, it is very important that your patient stays positive. This would almost seem impossible without you. As a nurse you will have to develop a positive attitude so that the patient feels the positive vibes around. This will help in his treatment process and again make your job easier. Remember that positivity is the answer to all questions.

Understanding patients can be a tough deal. However as a nurse you are expected to nurture your patient with utmost care and patience. The above tips will surely help you in the process.