5 Lessons That Failures Teach


We look up to successful people and just see their achievements. Little do we know that a lot goes on behind the scenes, on the path to success. Take for example, the great scientist Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb. He achieved success because of his positive attitude. In his words, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Looking at him and others who are great achievers in the history of art, science, mathematics, astrophysics and other such domains there is a lot to learn about failures. Through this article you will discover 5 life lessons that failures teach, and go on the path of achieving success.

1. Try Harder And Never Give Up

Never Give Up

Photo by BK, CC BY-SA 2.0

Failure is not final, there is more to it provided you move beyond it. It is natural to feel sad when you face failures, or a promising project that you’ve been working on fails. However, when you look around, it would be hard not to notice people who are constantly struggling to achieve success. Normal people around you, who are doing their best to achieve their personal goals is enough to inspire you to try harder. Another thing to learn here is the ‘Never give up’ attitude. The moment you decide that your failure is not the end, it is at that time, you are willing to do anything and push your limits to the next level.

2. Realizing And Avoiding Mistakes


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Take for example preparing a project wherein you need to give all the details the next day. When you finally prepare it and send it to your boss, you are confronted with lack of attention to detail. Your mistakes are pointed out and you feel humiliated. However, this situation does teach you a vital lesson; it is to realize your mistakes. Next time when you are working on anything important, you will double check the details and avoid such mistakes. This is the way to go ahead and resolve not to commit the same mistake again to achieve success.

3. Failures Give You Strength


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Failures give you strength to carry on; the historic example is that of the Beatles. Before they could make it big in the music industry, they were rejected by a popular recording company in the year 1962. Even after being rejected they did not stop. They became stronger and carried on making music; the rest is history as we all know. Their failure teaches us a vital lesson of getting back on regardless of any hurdles. Get up and get going while chasing your dream, success will surely follow.

4. Staying Humble


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Often after achieving success majority of people become high-headed. This happens when they achieve success easily; later on their attitude leads to their downfall. Failures teach us humility, which is an important virtue that keeps us grounded. Coming up from numerous failures when you finally achieve success, you stay humble and this adds up to your virtues.

5. Gaining Experience And Wisdom


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When you have gone through a string of failures, think of it as experience worth gained. All the while when you are not able to succeed, you learn what you have been doing wrong and take measures to correct it. This sure gives you the wisdom and experience to achieve success in the long run. For example, you are not able to get through with an interview, you gain experience out of it. You have the experience of appearing for an interview and later on when you analyze, you just might correct your mistakes. Your experience and wisdom makes you successful the next time it happens.

Looking at all the failures, it is imperative to say that even though failures might cause a bit of sadness, but it is never final till you’re willing to move on. When you are determined to succeed and move ahead, nothing can hamper your self-growth. Learning from your failures is the best way to achieve success and move ahead in life.