11 Tips You Can Follow to Become Exceptionally Likable

Being a likeable person does not mean that you have to try to please people or agree to them at all times. “Fake it till you make it” is the trick that does not work here. Let me just give you the truth- the only way to be a likeable person is to actually be a good person. The only trick you have at your disposition is to be beautiful on the inside. Here are 11 ways to do just that:

Photo by Max Pixel, CC0 1.0

1. Positivity

Your thoughts define you as a person. Having positive thoughts reflect in your actions and you spread the positivity everywhere you go. Looking at the glass as half full allows you to have a positive attitude towards all problems. Automatically people want to spend more time around you and adopt the same attitude as you, as it makes them feel positive and happy.

2. Kindness

A kind gesture towards someone maybe a very small thing for you, but may make someone’s day. The world needs more people who spread joy. Being kind and helpful towards people, especially the ones below you in status or wealth, finds you a place in people’s heart forever. Treat a beggar to a meal, have a conversation with your peon, thank the waiter for water and watch their faces light up in a smile.

3. Be Genuine

Be true to yourself and be true to others. Uphold your personality, opinions, beliefs and values. Do not bend your principles to please others. You will see that people will respect you for it. If you make a promise to someone, keep it. Be honest even if it is hard. This makes you a more trustworthy and reliable person, someone people really cherish.

4. Sensitivity and Respect

Be sensitive towards the needs of others. Try to understand what a situation demands and behave accordingly. If someone is discussing something serious, be attentive and do not be casual. Respect people whether they are old or young, rich or poor.

5. Politeness

Politeness and humility is a real charm. Small gestures like greeting people well, respecting their space or listening to them diligently makes you a pleasant person to be around. Avoid being moody as it makes you harder to approach or predict and makes it harder for people to warm up to you.

6. Don’t Be Judgmental

Understand that everyone has a different story, upbringing, thoughts, needs and preferences. It is not important that they have the same likes and dislikes as you. Respect them for their choices instead of judging them.   

7. Don’t Be Attention Seeking

Always drawing attention to yourself, expecting sympathy or compliments, or creating a huge scene makes people grow tired of you and they begin to feel you are “high maintenance”. Soon they will begin to avoid your company.   

8. Don’t Be Egoistic

It is very important to keep yourself aside and think about others. It is important to care about the feelings of others. Apologize if you are wrong and forgive if you are right. 

9. Space

Being likeable does not mean that you be clingy and follow people everywhere. You do not have to agree to everything in order to get people to like you. Respect people’s space and take the hint if they want to be left alone or do not want to engage in a conversation. Also, understand if you are not welcome to a plan, outing or party, don’t invite yourself.   

Here are some other tips that could be helpful in the short run to get you started and to help you make a good first impression.

10. Personal Hygiene

Keeping yourself clean and presentable at all times makes it pleasant for others to be around you. It makes you look fresh and makes people positively disposed towards you. 

11. Body Language

Being confident reflects in your body language throughout. Smile and maintain eye contact with people.