10 Ways To Avoid Stress At Home

Listening Music

Whenever you feel a need to cope up with something, whenever you face a threat, you start to seek any potential defence mechanism and when you cannot find any, you get stressed. Nowadays, people are more stressed than they ever were. In order to curb the harmful effects of stress people are ready to pay huge sums of money to spiritual guides and psychiatrist. But why do that, when you can do some simple activities at home to control and even reduce the stress:

1. Listen To Your Favourite Music

Listening MusicPhoto by Ed Uthman, CC BY-SA 2.0

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by work or just need a release, the best way is to avoid getting too tensed is to take a break and listen to some music. It’s been found that clam music can have a positive effect on your mind and body. It lowers the cortisol level which the hormone linked to stress. Play some soothing classical music and if that’s not your taste, listen to sounds of the ocean and the nature.

2. Phone a Friend

Call A FriendPhoto by N i c o l a, CC BY 2.0

Feeling stressed? Don’t have anyone around? Take a break, pick up the phone and call someone you love; a friend or a family member, and talk about your problems. Everybody needs a reassuring voice. Even a minute’s worth of talk can put everything in the right place.

3. Talk To Yourself

Talk To YourselfPhoto by Steve Hardy, CC BY-ND 2.0

Sometimes calling someone isn’t an option. Well then, talk to yourself. And no, it doesn’t seem crazy. Trust yourself that you can do the task and tell yourself everything will be okay.

4. Eat Right

Fresh FruitsPhoto by See-ming Lee, CC BY 2.0

People do not believe when they are told that food can be linked to stress. But studies show that food is directly related to the amount of stress that you are in. People resort to eating fatty and sugary food when they are overworked. It is always good to have vegetables and fruits whenever you can. Fish is also very good since it contains omega-3 which helps reduce the stress.

5. Laugh It Off

LaughingPhoto by Ciaran McGuiggan, CC BY 2.0

Stress is related with the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. Laughter has the effect of releasing endorphins which improve the mood and reduce the effect of those hormones. Try watching some stand-up comedy or some cat video compilations on YouTube!

6. Try Green Tea Instead of Coffee

Green TeaPhoto by Unsplash, CC0 1.0

When stressed, people tend to consume several coffee goods. They provide you with large bursts of caffeine which can cause a spike in your blood pressure. It causes your body to go into overdrive but the high blood pressure has its own risks. Try green tea instead, it gives you half the dose of caffeine and also contains healthy antioxidants along with an amino acid, theanine, which has a cool and soothing effect on your nervous system.

7. Exercise

Gentle ExercisePhoto by Garry Knight, CC BY 2.0

A short walk inside the room house, in the garden or even standing up and stretching does the trick. It improves the blood circulation in your body and instantly puts you in a better mood.

8. Massage

MassagePhoto by Tara Angkor Hotel, CC BY 2.0

If you’re not much of an exercise person, then massage is one of the best ways to relieve stress. Stress can cause your muscles to tighten and a proper massage helps to loosen and relieve any muscular stress.

9. Sleep Better

Sleep BetterPhoto by Gisela Giardino, CC BY-SA 2.0

Everybody knows that when you are stressed you lose a lot of sleep. What people do not realise is that losing sleep is the main key to stress and not the other way around. Make it a point to get at least 7 hours of sleep if not less. It is the most effective stress buster, so make sure you manage your work and time such that you get sufficient sleep.

10. Breathe Easy

BreathePhoto by Hernán Piñera, CC BY-SA 2.0

This might sound like a clichéd advice to many, but it actually works. Take 3-5 minutes off and sit on the chair, feet flat on the floor and your hands flat on your knees. Slowly and deeply breathe in and out. Deep breathing oxygenates your blood, clears your mind and helps you centre your body. No wonder Buddhist monks put so much effort into meditation!

Taking unnecessary stress doesn’t solve your problems and causes additional health problems for you. The abovementioned tips will certainly help you relax and find some peace from the daily bustle of life.